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The Cocktail Box Co.

Premium Home Bartender Cocktail Kit - Boston Shaker Set

Premium Home Bartender Cocktail Kit - Boston Shaker Set

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About this product:

QUALITY MIXING TOOLS - The Cocktail Box Co's Boston Cocktail Shaker Kit with 2 Boston Shaker Cups (18/28oz), Hawthorne Strainer, Stainless Steel Jigger and Wood Stand

SIMPLE AND ELEGANT - This kit is compact and does not have any unnecessary tools that take up space. The wood stand is made with quality wood and looks great in your kitchen or bar cart.

MAKE GREAT COCKTAILS - The shaking kit is perfect for a wide variety of shaking based cocktail recipes. Whiskey Sour, Margarita and Daiquiri are a few classics that come to mind.

EXCELLENT GIFT - The kit comes in a wonderfully designed gift box. Gift this item to friends, family, and colleagues and watch them be impressed by the presentation and the tools to make great cocktails!




About The Cocktail Box Co.

We love cocktails. One of our favorite things to do is buy a round of drinks for our friends. What used to be beers has become cocktails as we've matured but the love for shared conversation over beverages will never die. Our goal was to create a bar-quality cocktail experience that you could take anywhere or give to someone. Who doesn't like great cocktails? This seemed like a worthy cause. The first step was to create the perfect recipe for our cocktails. So we tasted. And tasted. Then we took a nap. Then we tasted some more. Bitters. It's all about the bitters. The bitters are the botanical extracts you add to make cocktails. We tried hundreds of recipes. Until we got it just right. We've added bitters variants to each kit. You can actually make many variations of each cocktail with these bitters we've included. After making 1000's of cocktails we've come to realize that the spoon and muddler are very important. So we custom-designed a stainless steel micro spoon that can also muddle like a boss. It's double-ended - wowza! The next step was to fit everything in a well-designed 'kit' so you didn't feel like you were giving someone a big bulky item. We knew most people would give this product as a gift so we kept that in mind throughout the entire design process. The kit fits right in your pocket. It's quite remarkable. Enjoy your favourite cocktail anywhere with anyone. Cheers!

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