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New Heights Studio

New Heights Studio - "Reading Notes" Sticky Notes For Annotations (5x3)

New Heights Studio - "Reading Notes" Sticky Notes For Annotations (5x3)

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About this product:

This is a 5’ x 3’ inches ‘Reading Notes Sticky Notes’ for book lovers and students who want to stick their quick summaries and annotations into their books, notebooks, and textbooks. Perfect for minimal and quick Cornell Notes style note-taking or mind-mapping sticky notes. Use it as a visual memory aid for taking notes during study sessions, or reading extensive books, or use it as a form to rate or track your current casual reads — A great and simple way to summarize chapters as you read! These 5’ x 3’ sized sticky notes will fit perfectly in purses, backpacks, and bags without taking up too much room.



- Each notepad measures 5’ x 3’ inches

- 1 single pack of stickies

- 50 Sheets / Uncoated Paper

- Packed in a protective clear cello ©️ 2022–2023 NEW HEIGHTS STUDIO LLC

• All designs, illustrations, and photography by TRACY THANH TRAN

• All Rights Reserved.



5 x 3 in (12.7 x 7.6 cm)


About New Heights Studio

At New Heights Studio, we specialize in creating nostalgically eclectic stationery, gifts, and goods. We are a proudly AAPI woman-owned brand and small business led by Tracy Thanh Tran. Tracy is an illustrator and graphic designer based in Los Angeles, California, and by her side, she also gets a helping hand from her husband, Andrew. As an artist-owned business, we are passionate about thoughtfully designed stationery and accessories that can adorn your space or be given to those closest to your heart. Our products are bursts of color and whimsy with a twinkle of familiarity and warmth, much like that feeling you get when you’ve found a hidden treasure in a thrift store. With an optimistic outlook, a sweet disposition, and a dose of dopamine, New Heights Studio brings bold, clever, and charming designs to those with an eclectic soul who crave a touch of nostalgia. Everything we create is packed with vibrant colors, designed with intention, and an unapologetic sense of boldness—meant to be seen and celebrated.

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