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Lost Pattern NYC

Lost Pattern NYC - "New York in Sketches" Silk Scarf - Blue - Blue

Lost Pattern NYC - "New York in Sketches" Silk Scarf - Blue - Blue

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About this product:

Meet "New York in Sketches" Silk Scarf

This silk scarf is designed by our chief designer Cata to give you a glimpse into our New York City memories and culture. It is an ode to the city we love, and an excellent addition to your wardrobe. The scarf edges are hand-rolled and hand stitched by our local artisans to honor traditional silk making. The tag is designed to be recycled as a coaster to show our commitment to sustainability in Fashion.

"New York in Sketches" Silk Scarf Featuring:

* Material: 100% mulberry silk satin

* Size: 65cm x 65cm ( 26"W x 26"L )

* Craftsmanship: Edges are hand-rolled and hand stitched by local artisans  

 How to Wear A Silk Scarf:

* As a silk hair scarf: tie it to hair or use it as a silk scarf for braids.


100% mulberry silk satin


65cm x 65cm ( 26"W x 26"L )


About Lost Pattern NYC

Lost Pattern is a New York City-based designer accessory and lifestyle brand that redefines silk as fun and modern while celebrating every self-expression and identity. Mindfully sourced and sustainably handcrafted, Lost Pattern honors traditional craftsmanship and is committed to turning conscious fashion into a lifestyle. All of our square scarves are hand rolled and stitched, a tradition we maintain and celebrate. All clothing, hat pieces and tote bags are hand made in our studios by our local artisans. Our products are loved by customers of boutiques and stores across the US including Wolf & Badger, Anthropologie etc. We also pride ourselves in custom made accessories. With custom logo, personalized design, volume discounts, and dedicated support, you can easily create your own premium products or gifts for any occasions, with the standard of Lost Pattern products.

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