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Reactions Magnet Set

Reactions Magnet Set

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About this product:

A unique set of hard enamel magnets inspired by iOS reaction bubbles.

These magnets are not only decorative, but functional for taking notes and/or brainstorming.

- 6 pieces

- Screenprinted designs on hard enamel

2:45AM is an expansion of Kaleidadope inspired by late night ideas and takes an aesthetic and creative approach to everyday items including stationery, home/lifestyle and accessories.


Hard enamel


5.8 x 3.5 in (14.7 x 8.9 cm)


About Kaleidadope

Kaleidadope is a Black woman-owned business (aka creative hub) specializing in stationery, gifts and more inspired by color & culture. The company was created with a passion for art and expression, which is shown through representation and relatable themes. What started out as a side hustle, turned into a full time profession as I took the leap and left my corporate engineering career to pursue my passion. Kaleidadope celebrates discovering passion and purpose through creativity, positivity, a sense of humor and wellness. I always say my products are like a Trojan horse: The colors and aesthetics draw people in, but there is something deeper that encourages connection through laughter, shared experiences and self-discovery.

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