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Friend Assembly

Mood Swing Mug - Porcelain

Mood Swing Mug - Porcelain

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About this product:

The Mood Swing Mug was one of the first mugs Friend Assembly ever made and sold. They  hand made these emotional coffee companions for years, but couldn't keep up with demand for them. There are 3 expressions that go around the mug as you rotate it. The expression changes from, "Frown to Meh to Yay!" Just like us when we drink coffee. We think a lot of other folks can relate. Handle is streamlined and feels just right in your hand. Nothing clunky or chunky about it! Makes an excellent gift to the many moody people in your life. 





About Friend Assembly

Friend Assembly is a woman-owned homewares brand that started in 2016 with just two hands and a clay covered dream. They're focused on creating whimsical and charming little ceramics. Friend Assembly has been lucky to meet many friends over the years that have helped grow this silly little crew. They still design and produce many products in their studio in Denver, and each pal that's made with the help of partners is still hand crafted and ready to be your bestie. 🤗👋

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